Monday, November 27, 2006

Customer Service Is Dead – Members of The New Middle Aged Let’s Revolt

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Have any of you tried solving a problem you have with a
Retail Store, Bank, Gas Company, Cable Company, Internet Service Provider, Discount Store Chain, Credit Card Company, and or a Government Organization lately?

If you have you will probably have discovered that it is almost impossible to get a live person on the phone as opposed to the click 1, click 3, click 2, click 4 merry go-round these organizations send you on by phone to make sure you never speak to a real person.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to speak to virtual Sally. I want a real person to help me solve my problem. I don’t want to speak to someone in the Philippines, or be transferred to someone in India who is trying to read from a script in an American Accent when what I want is to speak to someone in the US who could possibly relate to my problem.

I am also getting tired of receiving bills with two weeks or less left in a twenty-five day billing cycle because the Company in question was too cheap to send the bill out by first class mail. Who decided a month was twenty-five days anyway? Why shouldn’t I have a full thirty days to pay my bill? After all the billing company wants me to pay by first class mail and allow eight to ten days for their inefficient PO Box handling systems to sort the mail.

It’s time to revolt against the death of customer service. The only one you can get on the phone these days is the telephone company. No wonder, they are making a bloody fortune with all the voice answering customer service robot voices Company’s are putting on the phone these days to stop us from getting our problems solved by a real person.

It has gotten so bad that in some major NYC department stores if you have a problem you have to take the elevator to an office floor and talk on the phone to a customer service voice located in a different state or country because they are afraid to let you speak to a live person in the store you are in who might answer your question or take a return or give you a credit, God forbid.

Sorry, I am getting worked up as you can see. Back to the subject – let’s revolt. That’s right, let’s let these organizations know we aren’t going to be pushed around anymore. For all of you who are fifty plus and remember the good old days when Company’s tried to provide good customer service, I am sure you will understand. Let’s do the following:

1. If you have a problem and get put on with a computer voice response system, hang up, call the Office of the President and tell them you have to speak to a live person or you are canceling your account.
2. If you get a bill with less than two weeks left to pay send a registered letter to the Office of the President telling him or her that you require thirty days from receipt of a bill to pay, and if this is not acceptable you are canceling your account. Tell them that if you receive a late payment fee you will refer the matter to the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission and or the Public service Commission, if it is a cable, utility or telephone bill.
3. If you get put on the phone with India or the Philippines, tell whomever you speak to that you can’t understand them. Then hang-up and call the Office of the President and tell the operator you want someone in the states to handle your problem or you are going take your business to their competitor, God help you.

If enough of these calls get placed to the Office of the President, even if you have to leave a message, the chances are the executive voice mail defense experts in charge will start to get the message that they are dealing with intelligent people who are fifty plus and are members of the New Middle Aged, and that we are not going to take this anymore.

They might even have their live customer service representatives ask if there is anything else they can do for us, or say, I hope this has solved your problem, or ask, do you have any other questions? They might even come up with the bright idea that this might afford them the opportunity to up sell another product to us while creating good will and customer loyalty.

It is possible that if we all have faith and we all work together we can get these genius marketers to understand that selling us something might just depend on what kind of service they give us, and that getting us as repeat customers will depend on the level of their customer service and our ability to speak to a real person.

To find out more about becoming a founding member of the New Middle Aged group and enjoy all the benefits you are entitled to please contact us at my blog or Web site.

Arthur Levine is a freelance writer of articles, sales letters, and press releases who usually
includes an element of faith in his writing. He specializes in marketing to people over fifty.
He is the author of The Magic of Faith and a Ghostwriter. Check out more of his writing at
his blog: or contact him at

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I Used To Smell Real Stinky Like My Grandchildren

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Draft Sales Letter

Then I Quit Smoking

I couldn’t believe it. My daughter and son-in-law invited my wife and I to join them for dinner at our favorite local Italian Restaurant to celebrate my wife’s birthday and the one-month anniversary of my quitting smoking. When they came into the restaurant where we were waiting for them, my two grandchildren ages seven and eleven, fresh from their Saturday afternoon soccer games, and still in their uniforms, ran over and gave me a kiss and my wife a bunch of yellow roses, I noticed immediately that they smelled real stinky and the roses smelled great. I was so happy because now that I have stopped smoking, I can smell things again and I smell good too. I feel so much better. It’s like a miracle.

I want to let you in on the secret that made things start smelling good again for me.

I quit smoking. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t easy to quit at first. I was worried that after smoking for more than forty years, I wouldn’t be able to do it, but I quit smoking and you can too. You are never too old to quit smoking.

I was amazed that I had the willpower and the strength to finally quit smoking. I don’t know who was more surprised, my wife or me. I have to tell you that I am quite proud of myself, and you can be too with the help of the XXXXX® patch because it can give you the security of knowing that you can successfully fight your cravings to smoke.

If you are like me, you are a do it yourself type of person. I’m used to making my own decisions and quitting smoking was no exception, but having the security of the XXXXX® patch sure doesn’t hurt because it’s nice to have a little extra support when you are making a major change in your life.

Wouldn’t you like your cloths to stop smelling of cigarette smoke?

About a week after I quit smoking I took all the cloths in my closet to the cleaners. I couldn’t stand the way they smelled. Can you imagine how my wife must have felt all those years when I was smoking and stinking up the place? But why worry about the past. This is a new beginning for my family and me and it can be a wonderful new beginning for you.

All you need is the faith in yourself that you can quit. Don’t worry if you question whether you are strong enough to stop. You don’t have to do this alone. You can have the comfort and support of the XXXXXX® patch to help make your transition to a smoke free success story possible. You can do it. With the help of the Nicocure® patch you can take control of your like. You can start to feel good about yourself.

Stop Smoking The All Natural Way

No more sneaking out to the porch for a smoke at your children’s house. No more blowing the smoke out the window at home so it doesn’t go over to your wife’s side of the couch when you are watching TV. No more finding an excuse to get up from the dinner table early so that you can smoke. No more trying to hide your coughing or that you are short of breathe. You can break the habit that has been running and ruining your life for years with the XXXXXX® patch.

What I needed to get started was the security of knowing that I could quit smoking without experiencing terrible cravings or withdrawal symptoms. That’s the security and peace of mind that the XXXXX® patch will provide you with. It can smooth your passage to being an ex-smoker. It can help make the transition easy. For some people, just knowing that the XXXXX® patch is there is enough to give them the courage to quit.

Do you remember how great you felt when you were young and didn’t smoke? Wouldn’t you like to feel that way again? When was the last time you could smell the roses? When was the last time food tasted really good to you?

Wouldn’t you like your food to taste good again?

Wouldn’t you like your grandchildren to stop bugging you to stop smoking? Wouldn’t you like to be a hero in their eyes? Wouldn’t you like to live long enough to enjoy your grandchildren? Don’t you want to set a good example? Wouldn’t you like to be able to smell and taste things again? I have to tell you that the spaghetti with meatballs I ordered at dinner with my grandchildren that night tasted terrific.

How Many times Have You Tried To Quit Before?

If you are like me, there have been times in your life when you really considered quitting smoking, but for one reason or another you didn’t, or you started to quit and stopped. Maybe you were too stressed. Maybe you were under financial pressure. Maybe you were experiencing personal problems. Maybe you just didn’t feel it was urgent to quit, but it is urgent because your health may be at stake. Maybe you didn’t have the XXXXX® patch to give you the security to make your quitting easier.

In my case I made all kinds of excuses to myself like, I don’t really smoke that much, I can quit anytime I want, and if I quit I will gain weight. I gained weight anyway because I didn’t feel good about myself, but now that I have quit I lost the extra weight because I can breathe freer and exercise more. I always had a bunch of excuses ready to keep me from quitting, but there really is no excuse when you have XXXXXX ® patches.

Whatever the reason, it is urgent to quit now because your health is at stake. It’s urgent for the well being of your spouse and your family. Don’t forget those stinky grandchildren. They have a right not to breathe in second hand smoke when you come to visit, don’t they? I hope that the thought of their wellbeing will propel you to quit now.

It was really terrible. The cigarettes were controlling me.

I would have to have a cigarette as soon as I woke up in the Morning. Before I went to bed I would count my cigarettes to be sure I had enough until I went out in the morning to get the newspapers. I would even go out to get cigarettes in a snowstorm if I ran out.

Let’s face it, nicotine is an addiction, and it is clever enough to give your mind a bunch of excuses as to why you shouldn’t quit smoking. Don’t let those excuses lead to a lifetime of addiction. Use the XXXXXX® patch to help you conquer the habit.

Are you ready to start feeling good about yourself?

I have faith in you. Do you have enough faith in yourself to try? This is a call to action to take control of your life and stop smoking. You can do it. You can change your life. You can start to feel better. You can quit smoking now with the help of the XXXXX® patch. Are you ready to start feeling good about yourself again? Are you ready to rediscover how good things can smell and taste? Are you ready to give your stinky grandchildren a hug?

When you quit smoking you can expect that within a short period of time you will:

∑ Breathe Easier

∑ Feel Better

∑ Stop Coughing

∑ Get Back Your Sense of Smell

∑ Be Able To Taste Food Again

∑ Have Your Cloths Smell Good

∑ Be Proud of Yourself

And most important, your circulation will start to improve immediately and your lungs begin to repair damage. You don’t have to take my word for it, that’s what the American Lung Association says.

Seize The Moment

I urge you to seize the moment. Stop feeding your mind a bunch of excuses. You can do it. Do it for yourself. Do it for your grandchildren. Do it for your whole family. Do it now. Quit smoking with the help of the XXXXX® patch.

Quit Smoking Now The All Natural, Safe, And Easy Way With XXXXXX®

XXXXXXX® amazing formula safely replicates the properties of nicotine fooling your mind into thinking it is getting its daily fix of nicotine while keeping you calm and relaxed during nicotine withdrawal. The XXXXX® patch fights the three major factors that get in the way of you quitting smoking:

∑ Nicotine addiction
∑ Withdrawal symptoms
∑ Nicotine intoxication

XXXXXX® is a simple to use and very effective way to assure success when you quit smoking. Using the XXXXX® patch allows the active herbal ingredients to penetrate the skin and reach the bloodstream faster than any other delivery method. It blocks up to 99% of the nicotine that you would normally inhale including second hand smoke while at the same time fooling your mind into thinking it is getting the nicotine it craves.

Would you rather do it the natural, easy way without ingesting more nicotine or put more nicotine in your body in a substitute form. The all natural herbal ingredients in XXXXX® patches provide a natural substitute for nicotine and help make cigarettes taste terrible while at the same time eliminating all cravings for nicotine and stopping withdrawal symptoms.

Take it from me, it all comes down to the fact that to quit smoking you have to get off nicotine, and without the natural ingredients in XXXXXX® patches withdrawal symptoms from nicotine can be very unpleasant.

Don’t you want a safe, natural, easy way to quit smoking?

Aren’t you tired of having cigarettes control your life? I was, that’s why I finally decided to quit. It didn’t hurt that I discovered that even people over fifty could add years to their lives by quitting. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and it’s your life.

∑ Did you know that within twenty minutes of quitting your heart rate calms down?

∑ Did you know that within eight hours of quitting there is more oxygen in your blood, mucus begins to clear out of you lungs and this makes breathing easier?

∑ Did you know that within forty-eight hours things smell and taste better?

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It’s up to you. It’s your life.

When was the last time you could climb up four flights of stairs, or take a ten-block walk, or chase after your grandchildren without feeling out of breath?

Don’t miss this opportunity to change your life for the better. Take advantage of this one time offer to help make you breathe easier again, feel better, and taste and smell all the wonderful things that a smoke free life of good health have to offer you.

In the final analysis it is what you want and what you desire that counts. If you truly want to quit smoking, I believe that XXXXXX® is the way to go? If you really want to make your family happy and give yourself the opportunity to live a longer healthier life, then quitting smoking now is the thing to do. To help you make the decision to quit smoking and to aid you in doing it the natural, easy, and safe way XXXXX® is offering you:

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*(Offer money back guarantee)

P.S. For more information on XXXXX® patches go to

P.P.S. Don’t forget those stinky grandchildren. They are counting on you being around for a long time to come so act now.

Arthur Levine is a freelance copywriter. he can be contacted here or at his Website

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Marketing To The New Middle Age – Their Credo – Their Faith

Search For God

As baby boomers start turning sixty, and health care innovations continue to increase longevity, many people in their fifties, sixties, and even seventies have come to think of themselves as part of a new middle age.

This new group of middle age people (NMAP) has strong opinions of what they want to buy to make their lives happier and healthier and how they want to live. Marketing to them successfully requires getting rid of many of the myths and assumptions associated with this age grouping.

To some extent it is a matter of NMAP crying out, “I don’t need it, I don’t want it, give me all you got.” Isn’t it time we started listening to what they really want?

The successful marketer has to make a conscious effort to discern what NMAP really want as opposed to what current perceptions of what they want are. The idea that middle-age people won’t change brands easily is a myth. They will switch brands if they perceive that a different brand offers them something new or of greater value than their old brand.

The NMAP are interested in buying products that will enhance and prolong their active lifestyle including pain relievers, holistic treatments, and leisure products. They are also keen on financial products that will maximize their disposable income while providing security of principal. They want to spend and enjoy what they have while preserving their capital.

Another myth worth dispelling is that NMAP have survived and prospered because they have gotten rid of all their addictive vises. People over the age of forty-five still account for forty-two percent of all smokers, and even those over sixty-five still account for more than nine percent of smokers in the US. Is anyone making a concerted effort to sell the NMAP stop smoking programs?

There are more than seventy million grandparents in the US and Canada including more than thirty-nine million baby boomers who are interested in real estate, travel, health care products, finance, and autos. When was the last time you saw a automobile television ad featuring people in their sixties? But these are the very people that have the wealth to purchase expensive vechicles. It is time to start marketing to who the real potential customer is.

As divorce rates escalate, people over fifty may be as likely to be dating as their younger single counterparts. They may be in their prime earning years or returning to school or starting a new business. The old stereotypes no longer hold true. The NMAP are changing the consumer landscape with their vast purchasing power. To market to them effectively we have to change our perception of them.

MAP don’t think of themselves as old, and they don’t want to be marketed to as if they were. Ads that target ‘seniors’ or ‘the older generation” will not be well received. NMAP are very well aware of their limitations and don’t want to be reminded of the inevitable. What they really want is to live active and positive lives. They will buy products that will help them achieve their goals. They will buy products that make them feel good. In this respect they are just like everybody else. The key to higher sales is to determine what interests them.

Marketing to people in their fifties, sixties, and seventies, will be most successful when it appeals to their emotions and their instincts, rather than when it relies solely on reason. They have after all exhibited the good instincts and emotional wellbeing to get to this stage in their lives to begin with. Let’s give them what they really want. Let’s help them live longer and continue to prosper, keeping in mind that quality of life issues and faith in God are very important to most of them.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Find More Faith Today

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Sample Sales Letter


Find the faith to cope with the troubles of our time.

If you are like me there are times in your life when you question your faith or feel the need to have more faith. This may be due to personal problems or the threat of terrorism or natural disasters. Most of us need more faith to help us cope with the troubles of our time.

I think I’ve discovered the secret to helping you find more faith today.

My name is Arthur Levine and I’m the author of the book The Magic of Faith about a Magic Genie Faith Builder who I invented from my imagination when business reverses left me with too much time on my hands and little faith I could do anything worthwhile with it. Glorious helped me find the faith to cope with the troubled times we live in.

I would like to show you how to unlock your imagination, strip away years of inhibitions, and find more faith. I would like to introduce you to the Faith Patch Manual. Its 101 pages are designed to help you build your faith in God and make you feel terrific.

The Faith Patch can show people of all faiths, or little faith, or no faith, and specifically you how to use your imagination or Faith Patch to replace all these other temporary remedies with an abiding personal faith in God.

Have there have been periods in your life when you felt like you needed a crutch to help you avoid things like alcohol, smoking, or eating too much? Some of you may even have tried various forms of chemical patches or pills to help you avoid these problems. My Magic Genie friend Glorious and I have used our imaginations to invent a unique first of its kind Faith Patch. It can help solve your problems.

The Faith Patch Manual can show you how to avoid temporary measures and find a dynamic permanent cure. It worked for me and I feel strongly that it can work for you. Take a little leap of faith and allow Gods grace to shine upon you today?

The Faith Patch Manual can show you step-by-step how to:

Start to feel better about yourself

Learn to use your imagination to find more faith

Strip away your inhibitions

Find answers to your questions

Discover that you are a good and worthwhile person

Recognize that you are a person of faith

Stop patching yourself together

Take the little leaps of faith required to make you feel wonderful

I have included in the Faith Patch Manual 59 ‘little leaps’ of faith that you can take to help you find more faith. Stop trying to patch yourself together and use the Faith Patch to solve your problems.

You may be amazed at how great using these “little leaps” of faith will make you feel. It may seem like a miracle, but it will only be you finding your faith.

The Faith Patch Manual can show you how to find peace of mind. It can open your eyes to the fact that you are entitled to be a person of faith. It can help you feel good about yourself.

Sometimes It Takes a Little Imagination to Believe in What You Cannot See or Understand

How many times have you said to yourself, “I wish I were a Person of Faith like Johnny. I wish I had his firm conviction” You can be a Person of Faith if you take the ‘little leaps’ of faith necessary to strip away your inhibitions and use your imagination to find your faith.

Discover the ultimate Internet tool to find God

Examine amazing imagination unlocking techniques

Review ‘little leaps’ of faith stories

Learn how to strip away your inhibitions

Find out how to cope with your problems

Learn how to pray to God

Join Glorious and I on a Journey of faith

Have you ever faced a difficult situation that you feared you couldn’t handle when a voice deep inside you said, “Yes, maybe I can do this, maybe I can handle this problem?” That’s your faith rooted deep down in your soul talking to you.

Discover the wonders of being a Person of Faith. Find out how easily you can find your faith. Strip away the inhibitions that are holding you back. Use your imagination to become a Person of Faith.

When you order today you will receive 3 free faith-based gifts:

1. Magic Pill and faith-building instructions
Comes with a free Certificate of Sharing to give to loved ones and friends to express your newfound faith.
Value – Unlimited

2, Faith Index Quiz
Shows you how much faith you really have.
Value – Unlimited

3. A free membership in the Faith Builders CLUB
Join the army of the truly righteous, become a Faith Builder
VALUE – Unlimited

Our Guarantee:
If you have not found more faith within 90 days by using the Faith Patch Manual, you can receive a full unconditional refund.

I like to imagine that I can listen to your thoughts as you search for more faith through the pages of my easy to use Faith Patch Manual. There is so much that I would like to share with you to help you find more faith. I hope it helps you discover the format for a new beginning. I hope it gives you more strength, greater happiness, peace of mind, and more faith. I have faith that it will and that I will hear from you. I am listening.

Take a ‘little leap’ of faith and order now. A future as a Person of
Faith is waiting for you. Hurry, God may be waiting to hear from you!

Click here to purchase the “FAITH PATCH MANUAL” for only $19.95

Instant Access – Instant download in PDF format
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P.S. Don’t wait, order your Faith Patch Manual now at the introductory price. Learn how to cope with your problems through faith today. Discover the secret to becoming a Person of Faith.

CJ Enterprises LLC
P.O. Box 980
New York, NY 10021

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Lansco Realty Corporation One Ups The Competition

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Sample Press Release

Lansco Realty Corporation One Ups The Competition

Introduces No Cost Leasehold Management Supervision

New York, NY (PRWEBDirect) –July 1, 2006 - Continuing its long history as an innovator in real estate leasing, Lansco announces a no cost lease management service available to all tenants. Now Lansco provides tenants a way to outsource their leasehold supervision expenses.

Tenants no longer have to worry about missing renewal dates. With Lansco’s help they can avoid costly penalty fees and free themselves from hidden costs.

There will be no more surprises with Lanso’s dedicated lease supervision. Whether you are a current client of Lansco or a potential client you can enjoy all the benefits of Lansco’s leasehold management supervision experience.

Let Lansco handle the details so that your fine Company will be free to manage your business.

Join the innovators and experience first hand what personal service and dedication are all about. At Lansco our prime objective is to maximize the value you get for your real estate leasing expenditures.

We provide moving and relocation cost studies, impact studies, future growth planning strategies to dispose of excess space, and incisive financial analysis for both retail and office leases that have helped make Lansco New York’s Premier Tennant Brokerage Firm.

The Lansco Corporation, founded in 1965, provides strategic real estate advisory services for the commercial real estate market. We offer a well thought out value-added concept for every negotiation. Lansco is a founder of Corfac International and Chain Links, providing commercial real estate services on a national and international basis. Our mission is to coordinate all the elements necessary for you to maximize your cost savings on leasehold expenses.

Vice President

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sample Sales letter

Search For God

601 Carlson Parkway, Suite 1050
Minnetonka, MN 55305

Are you waiting for the miracle of limitless exposure?

Do you want high frequency at an unbelievably low cost?

Hi, I’m Chris Jones, National Sales Director with Heatwave Mobile Advertising with a special offer for you. I can’t solve all your media problems, but I sure can help you with unbelievably low cost advertising that offers you terrific exposure, reach, and frequency to meet your advertising needs.

Here at Heatwave Mobile advertising we use the latest technology to provide 20 – 53 foot rolling billboards displaying your marketing message nationally, regionally and locally where you want to be noticed?

If you are like me you are constantly on the lookout to find truly inexpensive advertising media to supplement your print, television and radio advertising. Our normal CPM of less than one dollar does the trick for me and I am sure it can do the same for you. See it for yourself when you hear our amazing one time offer. Yes that’s right we are using our own trucks to advertise Heatwave.

Would you like to see clarity at 60 mph?

Our no bumps, no wrinkles, no seams applied vinyl is installed quickly on truck side panels not painted or glued onto the sides of trucks. This high quality vinyl seems to last forever, and the panels can be changed and reused easily to account for changing seasons, or to allow for new promotions.

We pride ourselves on our easy, Arbitron tested, marketing program. At Heatwave guesswork is out of the question. We can provide affidavit-proofed advertising at the lowest possible rate.

Tremendous Brand exposure is just a hip and a hop across the highway when you burn up the competition with Heatwave Mobiles best of the road advertising media.

Did you drive to work today?

Take a swing at your competition by painting a high quality impression on the consumers mind. Let a dedicated fleet of trucks sport your personal image and brand. Over 95% of consumers are on the road weekly.

Can you picture in your mind an advertising medium that prevents channel surfing or station switching in a streaming non interrupt environment? You can’t avoid a Heatwave Ad on the road. There is no escape from a targeted view by your potential customers.

I do have to admit that our advertising media is not for everyone. You or your client may be ready for the highly targeted national presence we can provide, but please keep in mind that we specialize in regional and local programs at a truly low cost. If you can’t afford us you can’t afford to advertise. We are the common man’s image-makers. We deliver a unique presence. We make your product or service highly visible on demand on the highway.

Do you want it to look good enough to eat?

With our picture perfect high-resolution digital imaging, your ads will look delectable. Under our exclusive joint venture with Super Color we provide a high quality crisp color image that jumps out at the consumer and makes their mouths water to try what you have to offer.

Do you ever let your imagination run wild?

Try and visualize how excited you will be when you take your family or friends for a drive and spot a Heatwave truck sporting your ad. We provide detailed route schedules to help make this possible.

Do you want to be king of the road?

When you use Heatwave mobile advertising, the trucks you use are exclusive to you. That means you own the advertising space on both sides of the truck. No one on the road will pass your ad by without looking. You have the right of way all the time.

Would you like to make your customers happy?

When you advertise with Heatwave, you will achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. We will show your products and services in larger than life picture perfect images.

Are you tired of advertising claims that don’t pan out?

I would like to assure you that at Heatwave we deliver what we offer. On the road delivery is our business and what we deliver is high quality advertising at a really low price. We pay personal attention to your needs and strive to customize each advertising package to satisfy your advertising requirements.

This is our guarantee.

We will deliver what we promise. We will deliver best of the road advertising. We will deliver great exposure at the lowest possible price.
We will deliver an advertising package to you that will make you happy.

This is our special one time offer.

For the first 50 qualified members of the press or potential advertisers to call us for more information on our advertising program we will send you a free scaled model truck with your Company Ad and Logo on it.

For details of our program and your free truck, contact Chris Jones at: