Friday, April 14, 2006

Chapter 1 – Part 4 – Imagination

Search For God

In order for you to unlock your imagination you have to:
1. Make note of your secret dreams and desires, and ask yourself why you shouldn’t try to fulfill them. Some of them may open up a whole new path to your finding more faith.
2. Concentrate on the strange thoughts that pop into your mind, and do not discount them out of hand. Some of them may contain the seeds to your finding more faith.
3. Ask yourself what would happen if you were to pursue some of these thoughts and dreams. Would they help make you a better and happier person?
4. Try and separate in your mind those truly imaginative thoughts that can help make you a better and happier person from the others that make no sense to you or have no moral value.
5. Use your newfound imagination to do something constructive and wonderful with your life. Start to care.

Take the ‘little leap’ of faith that allows you to believe in what you cannot see or understand by using your imagination to help you conceive of what you cannot comprehend.

Wouldn’t you like to put a little magic in your life right now – use your imagination?

These are excerpts from my book the “Faith Patch Manual.” You can preview the book by clicking on the link on the sidebar titled “Find More Faith In God” or by going to