Tuesday, April 10, 2007

How To Stuff A Watermelon Into A Kumquat

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Okay, I admit it isn’t going to be easy, but if we have enough faith in God it can be done. Let’s start by stripping away our inhibitions that keep us from using our imagination. That’s better; you are starting to get the hang of this I think. You are beginning to accept the principal that in God’s world all things are possible.

I am not looking to make your life more difficult, but there are a lot of things we cannot visualize because we don’t understand. We sometimes find it hard to have faith in God because we cannot see or understand Him, but we know in our hearts that He is there never the less.

It is difficult to envision a big watermelon being stuffed into a tiny kumquat, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. All things are possible if we have enough faith.

What we need to do is to strip away our inhibitions and use our imagination. As with all things that require faith, this will mean that we will have to accept that which we cannot see. Do not fear peeling away your inhibitions and using your imagination, we are all striped naked of our preconceived notions and fears in God’s eyes.

Maybe what we have to do is to start with the seed of an idea. Maybe we have to start with accepting God’s will as a given. Maybe we have to start thinking of the watermelon as nature’s seed conceived by God.

If we start to think about the watermelon as a seed, we can begin to imagine that we could stuff it into a kumquat. Then it would only be a matter of faith and miracles to ascertain how big the watermelon could grow before the poor little kumquat burst.

I think if we start to have the proper perspective about our faith in God, and lean to accept His presence on faith, then all kinds of wonderful visions and miracles will become possible.

Perhaps it is not such a giant leap of faith from a watermelon in a kumquat to peace on earth and goodwill to all of God’s children. We are all God’s seed and we need to have faith in our Maker. We need to open our hearts and lean to believe. We need to nourish the seeds in the garden of His grace. We need to acknowledge the miracle of nature that God has given us.

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