Thursday, July 19, 2007

Shopping My Way To A Small Fortune

I didn’t think it was possible, and then it started happening. I was actually making money shopping on line and helping others learn how to make money shopping on line.

It all started innocently enough. I was looking for a way to make a substantial income working from home. I was trying to analyze what I was good at when a friend asked me if I ever did any shopping on line?

I told him I did and he proceeded to tell me that I could make a lot of money doing what I was doing anyway, which was shopping for various things on line.

I started to think about it, most of my purchases were for my computer or home office, but my wife was buying all kinds of things on line from jewelry to cloths. I asked my friend how I could make money doing what myself and my family was already doing.

He explained to me that I could get my own shopping mall for free with over 1100 stores and discount chains and get a rebate for everything we bought on line. It gets even better. He told me I could invite other people to have there own absolutely free shopping mall on line and get an override on every dollar that they spent shopping on their own shopping malls. He told me that people could make $4000 - $6000 a month doing this and in some cases much more.

I still couldn’t believe it and asked him if this was MLM or affiliate marketing. He assured me it wasn’t; that this was something brand new. That I wasn’t selling anything to any one and that all I or the people I invited to join had to do was our normal shopping on line, but this time directing it to our own shopping malls.
I still had one question left. I asked him how the pricing was on the products for sale. He told me it was as good and in many cases better because the Company with the shopping malls was in effect doing the advertising for the stores and with the volume they generated they got good pricing and a rebate on top of that. Then he told me that the Company was in partnership in this venture with outfits like Sears, Home Depot, Target, Macy’s and hundreds more.

I asked myself, how could I lose? It sounded like a win, win situation so I joined. And I invite you to have your own shopping mall at absolutely no cost ever and start to make a small fortune yourself.

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