Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Become Motivated To Find God

Search For God

When was the last time you found yourself really motivated to find God? When did you have finding God on your top ten list of things to do? When was making a search for the God of your dreams a top priority? When was the last time you felt inspired to search for God?

You need to get motivated to find God. You need to understand how important a part God plays in your life. You need to get inspired to find your faith.

You remember what being truly motivated feels like, don’t you. The feeling you get when you are absolutely convinced that you can do no wrong, the feeling that takes over your mind and your soul when you become convinced you have to have some possession, or relationship, or new job. You remember that a key part to your becoming motivated was your firm belief that you could do it, that you had the ability, and of course that you had the motivation to accomplish your goal.

Sometimes we have to use our imagination to motivate us to find the God of our dreams. Sometimes we have to imagine how wonderful it will make us feel to become people of faith. Sometimes we have to invent a symbol of our faith in God to motivate ourselves to find the inner peace that believing in God can bring us. Sometimes we have to create something special to help inspire us feel wonderful.

In my case I was inspired to create a faith-based Magic Pill to help motivate me to find my faith. Couldn’t we all use a little magic in our lives right now? As a gesture of my faith in my fellow man I have infused this Magic Pill with my faith for all to share if you can believe that. When you infuse it with your faith it will become a unique collectible that may help motivate you in your search for God. It even comes with faith building instructions and a Certificate of Sharing so that you can express your faith in God to a family member or loved one. You can get your own Magic Pill free on my Web site by just clicking on the link on the sidebar titled Find Faith and begin to get motivated to find God.