Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Iraq - Is it God's war? - Part 3

Search For God

How can we justify or rationalize creating insecurity in another country to foster a greater sense of security in our own country? Is this God’s will? I think that instead of forcing our opinions and western style democratic beliefs on people of other religious backgrounds in Muslim countries, we would be better served to learn how to live in peace with people who do not have a democratic tradition and do not share our philosophies or beliefs on separation of church and state in government. Is it God’s will to remake Muslim beliefs into an American style Christian-Judaic political ethic?

Perhaps it is time to turn inward and look into our own souls to find the mercy and kindness that I believe to be God’s will. Perhaps it is time for America to stop trying to remake the world in our own image. Perhaps it is time to give peace a chance. Perhaps it is time to try asking God for his guidance in this matter instead of predetermining and interpreting His will in accordance with our own personal desires and philosophies. Maybe what we have to do is to have a little more compassion and understanding for other people’s point of view.