Tuesday, April 11, 2006

CHAPTER 1 -- Your Imagination -- Part 1

Search For God

Have you ever had a strange thought pop into your head right after you wake up in the morning or at almost anytime of the day or night? Don’t dismiss these thoughts because you feel they are weird and out of context to what you really think. Don’t dismiss them out of hand because they don’t fit in with the rules and code of conduct by which you guide your life and beliefs. They may be the inner workings of your subconscious mind or soul trying to tell you to reach out to discover what you really believe or think. These thoughts may be your imagination trying to help you recognize how you really feel. Don’t make quick judgments that they don’t reflect how you feel about your faith.

Take the ‘little leap’ of faith that will lead you to understand that only God has the right to sit in judgment.

Explore your true feeling. Try and put them into a framework of what you really believe. Try to use your imagination. It is God’s gift to you. It will help you find more faith.