Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Maybe God Is An Alien

I know in my heart that God is real and is always with us, but have you ever stopped to consider that the reason He knows everything is that he might be a time traveler who has gone back and forth throughout out history, and therefore knows everything that has happened and will happen to us. Maybe He changes what happens to us as He goes along.

He is definitely, in my opinion foreign to our understanding, and thus in my opinion an alien.

The question, I think, is how much has He been an active participant in our development as opposed to just an observer to the fact of humanities existence.

To my way of thinking He has always been an active creator/participant in our development because he has brought us knowledge in the form of the bible – a code to live by – a distinct set of rules. He wouldn’t have bothered to enlighten us to this extent if He didn’t care about us.

He also brought us dogma, making it easier for primitive entities such as ourselves to have a framework in which to live our lives with relative meaning. God wouldn’t have bothered to do this unless He saw our need for structure in our lives.

I wonder how we appear to God? Do we look like lost souls searching for the meaning of life? Does He feel we will ever reach a point where we will be intelligent enough to understand His meaning and magnificence?

Is God waiting for us to reach a certain point in our development when we will be able to grasp the concept of what He is? Maybe our thirst for knowledge in the form of technology and new computer programs and the theories of quantum computing are all making it possible to draw closer to an understanding of God as opposed to pulling us father apart.

We humans must appear to God, in his travels through the universe, through infinite time, to be a funny lot. We speculate as to His meaning, yet we worship his glory without fully understand why He is the guiding presence in our lives.

Maybe we too one day will advance to a stage where we can travel through space and time, or is the very concept of His having made us in God’s image too difficult for us to fully grasp? Is the idea of God alien to us, or do we have enough faith to believe in the righteousness of what God has in mind for us? Will we ever develop to the point where we understand?