Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ten Magical Keys To Finding Your Faith

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I have a Magic Genie friend named Glorious. He has taught me a lot about finding my faith. Glorious has revealed to me 99 Magical Keys to finding faith. In a spirit of kindness and caring that Glorious has instilled in me, I thought I would share ten of the Magical Keys with you.

Couldn’t you use a little more faith today? Sometimes it takes a little magic to believe in what we cannot see or understand.

1. Caring about others is a Magical Key to finding your faith.

2. Remember that only God has the right to sit in judgment.

3. Try and do something worthwhile with your life.

4. Have the grace to share your faith and learn to express it.

5. Have forgiveness in your heart for your fellow human beings.

6. Take responsibility for your own actions.

7. Be willing to repent for your sins.

8. The most meaningful thing you can do is to have faith in God.

9. Have faith that God loves you.

10. Your state of mind will determine how easy it will be for you to find your faith.

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