Monday, October 30, 2006

Am I part of The New Middle Age or Am I a Senior Citizen?

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How people consider what part of the age spectrum they are in is changing rapidly as Baby Boomers start turning sixty. With the advent of new health initiatives and drugs, many people in their sixties, and even seventies faced with the prospect of living longer healthier lives no longer think of themselves as seniors. They consider themselves part of the new middle age – a group that in their minds spans from fifty to seventy-five plus.

Post Baby Boomers have little interest in full retirement. They want to continue to work and prosper. Many of them want a change in career. Their desires vary from wanting to be consultants to owning their own business. Some want to work less and have more leisure time. Others are more interested in doing something that they really want to do than how much of their time the new project occupies.

One reason they commonly give for wanting to continue to work is because they have faith that they can. They feel good, have plenty of energy, and believe they have a valid experience based reason to be a productive part of our business society.

Employers are not fully prepared for this new middle class, but those that are attempting to make the adjustment in corporate thinking are learning how valuable these new middle age employees can be. Many Companies now prefer to hire older people on an outsourced part time consulting basis, finding their experience and level headed thinking makes them valuable additions to their workforce.

The new middle class is surprising corporate executives with their inquisitiveness and desire to learn new things. They are also renewing their interest in religion because they are not unmindful of their own mortality even if they are only middle age.

It’s nice to see this new middle class continuing and renewing their search for God. It’s nice to see them expressing the faith in God that has gotten them to this new juncture in their lives.

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

How Does God Rate In The Polls?

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God better watch out. The devil may be gaining on Him.

According to a Fox News poll, ninety-two percent of the U.S. population believes in God. This is interesting because the PEW Research Institute has statistics that show that roughly forty-nine percent of the population attends houses of worship on a regular basis and forty-nine percent attend rarely if at all. Evidently the concept of God is more popular than organized religion or going to Church. The Gallop Poll and the Harris Poll and an ABC News poll also confirm this, but God’s popularity percentage verses the popularity of going to church varies with each poll. Sometimes I suppose it depends on how the spirit moves you, or what and who you think that God is that determines where, why and how you search for God. Unfortunately according to this poll seventy-one percent of the population also believes that the devil exists, but this doesn’t mean he is popular or that anyone is searching for him – thank God.

Of course you can skew the poll results in many different ways depending on how you ask a question and interpret the results. Perhaps this is why the same Fox News poll shows that eighty-five percent of the population believes in Heaven. It is hard to determine if this means that seven percent of those that believe in God don’t think they stand a chance in hell of getting into Heaven (92%-85%=7%) or if they just don’t buy into the whole concept of there being a Heaven, but do believe in God just in case. This same poll shows that eighty-two percent of people believe in miracles. Does this mean that they are part of the vast majority of people who believe it will take a miracle for them to get into Heaven? To make matters worse, while the percentage of people believing in God has stayed relatively constant over the last few years or in some polls decreased, the percentage believing in the existence of the devil has increased from sixty-three percent to seventy-one percent over roughly the same period of time. I can’t figure out what the hell this part of the poll means. I suppose it is open to interpretation, but this trend doesn’t sound good to me.

I don’t think it is necessary in discussing polls about the popularity of God to mention that these polls are probably correct plus or minus 3% because I doubt that God is running against anybody. Which makes me stop and wonder why if there is no chance of anyone else but God winning, why would anyone take a poll to begin with? Do you think that the devil has anything to do with this insane desire on the part of certain news organizations to take polls about who does and doesn’t believe in God? Why can’t we leave the poll taking to the atheists? They know who they are, and since they represent such a small and unconvinced percentage (8%) of the population, they should be responsible for paying for these polls in my opinion, or do they have the privilege of invoking minority rights. And whom would they invoke them to anyway? They certainly can’t turn to God, can they?

There is an obvious Gender Gap in relationship to these God like polls with women more likely than men to believe in most categories including Miracles by twelve percent and Heaven by eight percent. The one notable exception is that thirty-nine percent of men believe in UFOs verses thirty percent of women. I don’t know what UFOs have to do with God, but my wife tells me that if I don’t get off the subject she is going to send me into outer space. I wonder if she is mad or just wants to give me an opportunity to meet my maker? Please don’t rush me honey, I think I am on a fast track as it is.

Of perhaps more value to this discussion on polls about God is the fact that Fox News says republicans are more likely by eight percent to ‘say’ they believe in God and by fifteen percent in Heaven and by seventeen percent in the devil, while democrats believe in reincarnation by fourteen percent more than republicans. What do they mean when they use the term “say”? Does that mean the republicans don’t really mean it? Why the disparity when if comes to believing in the devil? Are the republicans out to get his vote too? How should we interpret the figures on reincarnation? Does this mean the democrats are hoping they can come back as republicans or just hoping for a comeback? This is all too confusing.

Before we leave the subject of polls about God to their eternal resting place, I think it worth noting that this same poll indicates that young people are much more likely to believe in hell by a ratio of eighty-six percent to sixty-eight percent for those over seventy years old. The same applies to the devil by a ratio of seventy-nine percent to sixty-nine percent. Does this mean that for older Americans their hell raising days are over, or does it mean that the younger generations are hell bent on raising the devil with our established religious traditions? I don’t know. I don’t even know if the younger or older Americans understand their respective positions on hell and the devil any better than those of us caught in the hellish position of being middle aged, which by the way the poll doesn’t cover as an individual age group at all. I leave these weighty interpretations in God’s hands, who, without the benefit of polling statistics, I am sure, will find the grace to interpolate and understand.

The one part of the poll I am really happy about I saved for last. This one makes the whole polling thing worthwhile for me. It shows that fully sixty-nine percent of the population believe that religion plays too small a part in our lives. That’s what I’ve been saying all along.

Before I leave this exercise in my God given right to have opinions on polls about God, I should make note of the fact that Fox News says that their poll was conducted over two days by telephone to over 900 people. What about the rest of the almost three hundred million people in the United States? Don’t we get a say? Has anyone tried polling God for his input lately? I wonder what He would have to say about His poll numbers? I bet He will have the final say.

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Monday, October 23, 2006

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Continue Your Journey

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When you unlock your imagination you will soon discover that you are a good and worthwhile person who has good thoughts, means well, tries to help others, and wants to do something meaningful with your life. You will start to feel better about yourself, and learn to be more accepting of the fact that you are entitled to believe in God. You will begin to find more Faith. How can you hope to believe in God if you do not believe in yourself? You were made in his image, weren’t you? Use your imagination to help you discover this miracle of faith.

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H. Advanced faith finding techniques.
I. Who you really are.
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Friday, October 06, 2006

Take a Little leap of Faith

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Take ‘little leaps’ of faith that will allow you to become a Person of Faith.

Most people live their lives according to a strict code of conduct instilled upon us by our traditions and value system. Most of this is good, but it limits our ability to look outside a set framework of beliefs to find more faith. Strip away these inhibitions. Unlock your imagination. Become inspired. Be willing to question the true nature of your faith. It could be the beginning of finding more faith. Use your imagination to help you expand your concept of faith. Use your imagination to reinforce the basic tenants of your faith. Learn to let your imagination help you to expand your horizons.

Take the ‘little leap’ of faith that shows you how to believe in what you cannot see or understand.