Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Did God Have A Literary Agent When He Published The Bible?

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I know that the bible was published after God became known to us, but the thoughts are supposed to be His, aren’t they? How did the good book get published?

My own thinking on the matter is that God didn’t really need an agent to get His good book published. All He had to do was to rely on word of mouth and His own words of caring and kindness.

It is difficult, however to believe in that which is beyond our powers of reason to see or understand. But that is why God is God I think. And that is why believing in Him requires an element of faith.

If we humans were indeed fashioned in his image, then we should find the faith to believe in ourselves as well. Sometimes that proves difficult.

I am an unknown writer, but I can’t rely on word of mouth to make my words known. Not that I am comparing myself to God, but I too find myself little understood and almost invisible.

I need an agent. Someone that will recognize as one agent said, “that I am a gifted writer who has an unbelievable imagination. He also said I needed a good editor and agent if I ever expected to be published. Unfortunately he was non-fiction and I am almost all fiction. Sometimes I think I am surreal like some of the characters in my six unpublished and mostly unread novels.

So if there is an Angel up there that would like to guide me to a good agent I will be eternally grateful.

I would ask the agent of my dreams to read Johnny Oops who starts out as a teenage genius and turns into a Sex Maniac, Charlatan, Prophet, or Guru when he grows up depending on your point of view.

Perhaps he or she could take a look at Voyeur about a suitcase bomb that is detonated in the middle New York City for a dose of reality.

Maybe The Magic Pill, which features a young couple who invent a faith-based magic pill that cures cancer, would provide comic relief to many as a distraction from the troubles of our time.

Futures/Past wouldn’t do that, it has a really catastrophic black ending, but Husband Hunting might lighten up every ones mood. I think it is a new genre that might be called husband light.

Last and possibly not least might be the Wasn’t Man, which is a mystery about insider trading, or was it?

Just a final thought, these novels are definitely not autobiographical or else I have a seriously split personality.

Perhaps that is why I am searching for God and a good agent at the same time.

Agents interested in reading my novels can use the comment form on this blog.