Thursday, November 02, 2006

Lansco Realty Corporation One Ups The Competition

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Lansco Realty Corporation One Ups The Competition

Introduces No Cost Leasehold Management Supervision

New York, NY (PRWEBDirect) –July 1, 2006 - Continuing its long history as an innovator in real estate leasing, Lansco announces a no cost lease management service available to all tenants. Now Lansco provides tenants a way to outsource their leasehold supervision expenses.

Tenants no longer have to worry about missing renewal dates. With Lansco’s help they can avoid costly penalty fees and free themselves from hidden costs.

There will be no more surprises with Lanso’s dedicated lease supervision. Whether you are a current client of Lansco or a potential client you can enjoy all the benefits of Lansco’s leasehold management supervision experience.

Let Lansco handle the details so that your fine Company will be free to manage your business.

Join the innovators and experience first hand what personal service and dedication are all about. At Lansco our prime objective is to maximize the value you get for your real estate leasing expenditures.

We provide moving and relocation cost studies, impact studies, future growth planning strategies to dispose of excess space, and incisive financial analysis for both retail and office leases that have helped make Lansco New York’s Premier Tennant Brokerage Firm.

The Lansco Corporation, founded in 1965, provides strategic real estate advisory services for the commercial real estate market. We offer a well thought out value-added concept for every negotiation. Lansco is a founder of Corfac International and Chain Links, providing commercial real estate services on a national and international basis. Our mission is to coordinate all the elements necessary for you to maximize your cost savings on leasehold expenses.

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