Monday, April 24, 2006

Faith Or Inspiration – Which Comes First?

Search For God

Do you start out with faith in God or do you have to be inspired to search for Him? Where does the inspiration to believe in God come from? It seems everyone has an answer, but which answer is right?

I believe it depends on who is asking the question. If you are a person that is well grounded in your religious beliefs then faith probably comes first. If you are searching for God, then perhaps you need to be inspired to help you find your way.

I like to believe that we are all inspired to find our faith in God. To me it is a natural human instinct perhaps facilitated by an inborn genetic code or gene. I like to believe that the inspiration to find God comes from the Almighty Himself.

I think the inspiration comes from our need to experience God’s grace, to find inner peace, and to develop a sense of serenity. I think it comes from our need to seek God’s help in coping with our problems. I think it comes from a desire to believe that there is something more to our lives than the short span of our own mortality. I think it comes from a need to be assured that there is a Heaven.

Whatever inspires us to find our faith in God; the fact is that we do have the need to believe. Most of us have to believe in a higher power to make our lives tolerable. We want to have faith because it helps us achieve inner peace of mind. We are inspired to have faith because we want to succeed in our journey to find God.

May God grant us the strength and the inspiration and the faith to succeed in our search on a journey that never ends – the search to find God.