Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Are You Listening For God’s Words?

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How can you expect to receive God’s message of love and kindness and caring if you aren’t listening?

Yes, God will speak to you if you open your heart to him and start to listen. Wouldn’t you like to hear from God?

Maybe God is waiting to hear from you. Do you have enough faith to stop patching your life together, and start to rely on the word of the Lord?

Sometimes it’s hard to believe in what you cannot see or understand, but if you have enough faith all things are possible.

Wouldn’t you like to have enough faith to cope with your personal weaknesses and the troubles of our Time? Don’t you want to have peace of mind?

All things are possible when you start to find your faith in God. You can achieve a sense of peace and a feeling of security that you have never known before.

Stop using temporary quick fixes to patch yourself together and learn to rely on your faith in God to avoid addictive behavior. Stop patching yourself together.

When you strip away your inhibitions and start to use your imagination, you will discover your own personal patch of faith: your symbol that will put you closer to God.

Use your faith patch to give you the strength to get rid of all the temporary pills and patches that you use to get you through the day and learn to rely on your faith.

Don’t be shy about trying to become a Person of Faith. You are a good and worthwhile person, and no matter what your background or personal beliefs are, you are entitled to become a person of faith.

You have the God given right to find faith anyway that your imagination dictates. You have the right to make a choice as to how you will believe in the Almighty.

You are genetically predisposed to want to be a Person of faith. It is only natural. It is an instinct that our common Lord instilled us with right from the beginning of mankind.

Strip away your inhibitions, use your imagination to find God, and you will discover how strong your faith in him really is.

Start to use your faith as the only patch you will ever need. Start to use your faith as the only true cure-all you will ever need to stop addictive behavior. Become a person of faith.

Are you ready to get closer to God?

Are you listening for his words of wisdom?

Maybe God is waiting to here from you.

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