Monday, July 10, 2006

Faith Building 101A – Graduate Level

Search For Go

Okay so you think you have mastered the basics of Faith building 101A. Are you ready to be an expert? Are you prepared to operate on a graduate level? No matter how much faith in God that you think that you have there is always more to learn. Isn’t it interesting that the more we learn about ourselves, the closer we come to understanding God and learning how to communicate with him.

It is not enough that we have learned to strip away our inhibitions and use our imaginations to help us find the God of our dreams, we must also learn how to express to him our innermost feelings. When we discover how to open ourselves up to God’s kindness and mercy we will be inspired by His message of love and caring.

To start to operate as a Faith Builder on a graduate level you have to:

1. Start to care about other people.
2. Let your family and friends know that you would like to help them build their faith in God.
3. Share your feelings of faith with others.
4. Participate in faith-based community activities
5. Open your heart to God.
6. Contribute your time and effort for the greater good.
7. Express your feelings of faith for all to see.

Now that you are an expert Faith Builder, you can help others find their faith. That is what being a Faith Builder is all about. You can start by sharing an expression of faith with everyone to help him or her find more faith.

Isn’t it time you make a statement and let the world know that you are a person of faith? Express yourself.

Arthur Levine is the author of the Search For God stories. To learn how to qualify as a Faith Builder on a graduate level and add your expression of faith to the book access for a free e-book download.