Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sample Sales letter

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601 Carlson Parkway, Suite 1050
Minnetonka, MN 55305

Are you waiting for the miracle of limitless exposure?

Do you want high frequency at an unbelievably low cost?

Hi, I’m Chris Jones, National Sales Director with Heatwave Mobile Advertising with a special offer for you. I can’t solve all your media problems, but I sure can help you with unbelievably low cost advertising that offers you terrific exposure, reach, and frequency to meet your advertising needs.

Here at Heatwave Mobile advertising we use the latest technology to provide 20 – 53 foot rolling billboards displaying your marketing message nationally, regionally and locally where you want to be noticed?

If you are like me you are constantly on the lookout to find truly inexpensive advertising media to supplement your print, television and radio advertising. Our normal CPM of less than one dollar does the trick for me and I am sure it can do the same for you. See it for yourself when you hear our amazing one time offer. Yes that’s right we are using our own trucks to advertise Heatwave.

Would you like to see clarity at 60 mph?

Our no bumps, no wrinkles, no seams applied vinyl is installed quickly on truck side panels not painted or glued onto the sides of trucks. This high quality vinyl seems to last forever, and the panels can be changed and reused easily to account for changing seasons, or to allow for new promotions.

We pride ourselves on our easy, Arbitron tested, marketing program. At Heatwave guesswork is out of the question. We can provide affidavit-proofed advertising at the lowest possible rate.

Tremendous Brand exposure is just a hip and a hop across the highway when you burn up the competition with Heatwave Mobiles best of the road advertising media.

Did you drive to work today?

Take a swing at your competition by painting a high quality impression on the consumers mind. Let a dedicated fleet of trucks sport your personal image and brand. Over 95% of consumers are on the road weekly.

Can you picture in your mind an advertising medium that prevents channel surfing or station switching in a streaming non interrupt environment? You can’t avoid a Heatwave Ad on the road. There is no escape from a targeted view by your potential customers.

I do have to admit that our advertising media is not for everyone. You or your client may be ready for the highly targeted national presence we can provide, but please keep in mind that we specialize in regional and local programs at a truly low cost. If you can’t afford us you can’t afford to advertise. We are the common man’s image-makers. We deliver a unique presence. We make your product or service highly visible on demand on the highway.

Do you want it to look good enough to eat?

With our picture perfect high-resolution digital imaging, your ads will look delectable. Under our exclusive joint venture with Super Color we provide a high quality crisp color image that jumps out at the consumer and makes their mouths water to try what you have to offer.

Do you ever let your imagination run wild?

Try and visualize how excited you will be when you take your family or friends for a drive and spot a Heatwave truck sporting your ad. We provide detailed route schedules to help make this possible.

Do you want to be king of the road?

When you use Heatwave mobile advertising, the trucks you use are exclusive to you. That means you own the advertising space on both sides of the truck. No one on the road will pass your ad by without looking. You have the right of way all the time.

Would you like to make your customers happy?

When you advertise with Heatwave, you will achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. We will show your products and services in larger than life picture perfect images.

Are you tired of advertising claims that don’t pan out?

I would like to assure you that at Heatwave we deliver what we offer. On the road delivery is our business and what we deliver is high quality advertising at a really low price. We pay personal attention to your needs and strive to customize each advertising package to satisfy your advertising requirements.

This is our guarantee.

We will deliver what we promise. We will deliver best of the road advertising. We will deliver great exposure at the lowest possible price.
We will deliver an advertising package to you that will make you happy.

This is our special one time offer.

For the first 50 qualified members of the press or potential advertisers to call us for more information on our advertising program we will send you a free scaled model truck with your Company Ad and Logo on it.

For details of our program and your free truck, contact Chris Jones at: