Monday, April 10, 2006

Introduction To The Faith Patch Manual

Search For God

I believe I know what you are thinking. I can sense it. My imagination tells me that you are searching for inspiration. You want peace of mind. You want to stop worrying about the troubles of our time. You want to be secure. You want to have more faith in God. I believe that by stripping away your inhibitions and unlocking your imagination you can realize your goals. Let’s go on a trip together to help you find more faith. Let’s begin a journey to help you feel wonderful. Let’s begin a quest to help you get inspired to find the magic of faith.

Beginning is always the difficult part, isn’t it? Deciding where to start and whose advice to follow can create problems and lead to indecision. Let’s start by using our imaginations to help us find our faith. Remember, in the final analysis it is not what I think that counts, it is what you believe, what your imagination tells you, that will determine your personal path to finding more faith in God.

When we strip away the inhibitions that have kept us from feeling like People of Faith we will be able to see things more clearly. We will be able to make decisions on a more reasoned basis. We will be able to see more clearly the pathway to faith in God. Let’s start using our imagination so that we can learn to cope with the troubles of our time.

Your imagination is really a reflection of what you truly think deep down in your soul. Unlocking your imagination enables you to catch a glimpse of what your true feelings of faith are. You can use your imagination to help you find your faith. You can use it to begin building your faith.

Take ‘little leaps’ of faith that will allow you to become a Person of Faith.

Most people live their lives according to a strict code of conduct instilled upon us by our traditions and value system. Most of this is good, but it limits our ability to look outside a set framework of beliefs to find more faith. Strip away these inhibitions. Unlock your imagination. Be willing to question the true nature of your faith. It could be the beginning of finding more faith. Use your imagination to help you expand your concept of faith. Use your imagination to reinforce the basic tenants of your faith. Learn to let your imagination help you to expand your horizons.

Take the ‘little leap’ of faith that shows you how to believe in what you cannot see or understand.

When you unlock your imagination you will soon discover that you are a good and worthwhile person who has good thoughts, means well, tries to help others, and wants to do something meaningful with your life. You will start to feel better about yourself, and learn to be more accepting of the fact that you are entitled to believe in God. You will begin to find more Faith. How can you hope to believe in God if you do not believe in yourself? You were made in his image, weren’t you? Use your imagination to help you discover this miracle of faith.

Sometimes it helps to invent a magical friend to symbolize your imagination. That’s what I did when I invented Glorious the nonsectarian Magic Genie Faith Builder. You may want to use your imagination to create your own symbol of faith, your own Faith Patch, to help make your journey to faith easier and help you strip away your inhibitions. I know what your thinking. I’ve been listening. Don’t feel silly. Unlock your imagination and invent your own symbol of faith. It could make your journey to faith so much easier. My best friend Glorious the Magic Genie told me so.

These are excerpts from my book the “Faith Patch Manual.” You can preview the book by clicking on the link on the sidebar titled “Find More Faith In God” or by going to