Thursday, April 20, 2006

Chapter 2 Stripping Away Your Inhibitions Part 3

Search For God

You have to learn:
1. Not to give in to your fears that something will go wrong if you do not follow a set format. Don’t be afraid to change lifelong patterns of behavior.
2. You have to start to believe in yourself. Admit to yourself that you are a good and worthwhile person who is entitled to have his or her dreams come true.
3. Exercise your right to conjure up from the deepest resources of your mind those imaginative thoughts that can improve your life and those of your loved ones.
4. Analyze those imaginative thoughts that may seem out of context with your basic beliefs, and see if you can find a way to reconfigure them so that they can provide a framework for you finding more faith in God. Use these released thoughts to help you find more faith. Use your God given right to make a choice.

Stripping away your inhibitions can help you open your heart to God. It can help make you feel free. It can help you find more faith. I know that you’re thinking that it’s hard to change. But sometimes it is harder to stay in the rut of limited possibilities. Take the easy course to finding more faith in God, and strip away your inhibitions.

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