Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Thank You God For Whispering In My Ear – Yes You Can

Search For God
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So much failure, so many false starts, It was rocking my soul, and rendering me a useless blob, then God whispered in my ear – yes you can.

Have you ever felt like that? Have you ever felt that nothing could or would go right for you? That’s when your faith in God can see you through the rough times.

Whether it is family illness or financial woes, if you believe in the Almighty, then God will always whisper in your ear, and give you the encouragement that you need.

When you feel that all is lost and the situation is hopeless, people of faith know that God is always available to whisper in your ear that you can overcome your problems. You can do it. Yes you can.

Don’t let a lack of will or faith; keep you from realizing your dreams. Don’t let past bad experiences keep the voice of God from your mind and heart. Listen for his words of encouragement and wisdom. Yes you can.

Some people may feel that God isn’t talking to them, or that if he is they can’t hear what he is whispering to them. But we can all hear what God has to say to us if we keep an open mind and have faith in the Almighty.

How many times have you said to yourself – I can’t do this? How many times have you faltered in your endeavor to get closer to God and have more faith? How many times have you questioned your own faith?

It is time to stop questioning the Lord. It is time to believe and have faith. It is time to continue your search for God so that He can whisper in your ear that – It is going to be all right, and that yes you can make a success of your life.

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