Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Chapter 1 -- Part 2 -- Imagination

Search For God

Are you stressed out trying to do things perfectly, and trying to control everything that happens in your life? I used to be that way until I used my imagination to accept the fact that only God could be in control all the time. Do the best that you can, and relax in the realization that you can’t be in control all the time.

Take the ‘little leap’ of faith that will put your trust in the Almighty and help you understand that only God can be in control all the time.

Use your imagination to put your fate in his hands – relax. Your faith is in his hands anyway.

Did you ever stop to imagine that maybe God is waiting to hear from you? Think about what you would like to say to him. Do you want his help and guidance? You can ask God for anything, and if you have enough faith your prayers will be answered. That’s how a Person of Faith feels. Wouldn’t you like to feel that way too? You can if you have enough faith. Imagine how wonderful believing that your prayers will be answered would be.