Monday, October 30, 2006

Am I part of The New Middle Age or Am I a Senior Citizen?

Search For God

How people consider what part of the age spectrum they are in is changing rapidly as Baby Boomers start turning sixty. With the advent of new health initiatives and drugs, many people in their sixties, and even seventies faced with the prospect of living longer healthier lives no longer think of themselves as seniors. They consider themselves part of the new middle age – a group that in their minds spans from fifty to seventy-five plus.

Post Baby Boomers have little interest in full retirement. They want to continue to work and prosper. Many of them want a change in career. Their desires vary from wanting to be consultants to owning their own business. Some want to work less and have more leisure time. Others are more interested in doing something that they really want to do than how much of their time the new project occupies.

One reason they commonly give for wanting to continue to work is because they have faith that they can. They feel good, have plenty of energy, and believe they have a valid experience based reason to be a productive part of our business society.

Employers are not fully prepared for this new middle class, but those that are attempting to make the adjustment in corporate thinking are learning how valuable these new middle age employees can be. Many Companies now prefer to hire older people on an outsourced part time consulting basis, finding their experience and level headed thinking makes them valuable additions to their workforce.

The new middle class is surprising corporate executives with their inquisitiveness and desire to learn new things. They are also renewing their interest in religion because they are not unmindful of their own mortality even if they are only middle age.

It’s nice to see this new middle class continuing and renewing their search for God. It’s nice to see them expressing the faith in God that has gotten them to this new juncture in their lives.

Arthur Levine is a freelance writer who always includes an element of faith in his writing.
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