Thursday, April 13, 2006

Chapter 1 – Part 3 – Imagination

Search For God

Now imagine what you would like to do to help other people. You can’t become a Person of Faith without caring about other people. You are a good and worthwhile person, aren’t you? You do want to help others, don’t you? It could help make you a worthy person in God’s eyes.

Take a ‘little leap’ of faith and start to care about your loved ones and friends.

Are you inhibited from using your imagination because you believe it will lead you into a flight of fantasy?

Take the ‘little leap’ of faith that will help you recognize that sometimes it takes a little fantasy to believe in what we cannot see or understand.

Do you think it’s a way to avoid reality? Don’t be inhibited. Strip away your inhibitions and allow yourself to understand that your imagination is real. It is the way your subconscious mind or soul thinks about things. It is a way for you to reveal your inner most thoughts to yourself. Sometimes we have to put these thoughts into some type of logical pattern. That requires analyzing what we really meant by these thoughts. That requires putting aside some of the set rules we have about what is acceptable to think about and what isn’t. That requires us to strip away the inhibitions of a lifetime so that we can see more clearly a pathway to God.

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