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How To Make Money Selling God’s Stuff

That’s right, there are a lot of ways to make money selling the word of God, and doing His good works at the same time. Is your faith strong enough to help you earn a lot of money in the service of God? Let’s check out a number of ways you can make money selling God’s stuff. It may seem like a miracle when you discover how easy it is to earn money working in God’s way, spreading His word, and doing His good works.

There are a lot of not for profit religious based organizations out there that need fund raisers. In many cases they pay commission, and in some cased they provide a draw against commissions earned. Commissions usually range between four and six percent. Earnings may vary from approximately $25,000 to $100,000 plus a year. You could be making money and doing something for a good cause at the same time.

Many religious organizations conduct their own fund raising activities. A short list of the organizations involved would include:

1. Catholic charities
2. Lutheran Ministries
3. Catholic Relief Services
4. Church World Services
5. St. Jude Charity
6. Christian Children’s fund
7. Habitat For Humanity
8. American Jewish Charities
9. Mennonite Global Communities
10. United Jewish Philanthropies.

In addition to these groups you will also find a myriad of not for profit charitable organizations that are affiliated with various religions organizations such as the Red Cross and the Salvation Army that combined raise billions of dollars on an annual basis to do God’s work. You can help them and help yourself at the same time. Don’t be shy. Contact these organization’s human resource departments and tell them you would like to become a fundraiser for them, and find out how to apply. If you have no experience you might want to start by offering your services on a volunteer basis to get some on the job training. For a searchable database of over one and one half million IRS approved not for profits check out

Participating in fund raising activities is not the only way to make money doing God’s work. Some people become members of the clergy and or start their own churches from which activity they derive a living. You can become a member of the clergy online for free. You can also start a church online and establish a Website to solicit donations for your church. Check our,, and for appropriate resources. There are many more. While you are looking them up on google take a look around. The earnings potential here is almost unlimited

Still other people make a living selling religious memorabilia or collectibles such as crucifixes or menorahs. Some work for big companies who manufacture these products, and others have their own retail or online stores. Have you ever heard of Angel Bracelets or faith-based Magic Pills? Check out and as product resources.

A number of people earn their living writing and publishing religious books and articles. There is always a thirst for knowledge about the words of God and His meaning. This is evidenced by a number of Websites that all promote the word of God in many different ways such as,, and Many newspapers also have a religious or faith or spiritual column. Review what they have to say, put some samples or clips of your writing together, and send them off to the proper person. Whether you e-mail or use regular mail be sure to get the editors name and spell it correctly. This is not the place for something like, Dear Sir. It wouldn’t hurt to ask if there is something you could research for them to break the ice.

In addition to all of the above, promoting major religious holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Passover, and Hanukah through the sale of Greeting Cards, Decorations, and Specialty foods has become big business. This has created employment opportunities for many people both in the manufacture, distribution and sale of God’s stuff. Websites to check out are,, and Salaries in this field although varying widely are known to be above the national average for comparable employment.

You can develop your own resources online by searching on google or yahoo under terms like, religious articles, not for profits, church products, specialty foods, religious charities, and religious Web sites.

If your inclination is to earn a living spreading God’s word and doing good works in His name there are many opportunities to do so. You have to start by analyzing the nature of your calling to do God’s work, and see if you can measure up to what the Lord will require of you. That’s right, it is not enough to use God’s name, you have to believe in what you are doing if you expect to be successful. You will have to have the ability to communicate your feelings for God to the people you come in contact with and are soliciting.

In other words, before a person can make others believe in God, and do His good works, and make good money doing so, one has to have faith in the power and mercy of our common Lord themselves. You will have to believe that what you are doing is moral and ethical and in the best interests of God and yourself and the people you serve; otherwise it would be blasphemous.

How can you expect others to buy God’s stuff from you if you don’t have faith in God and his words of kindness and caring yourself?

Don’t miss this opportunity to work with God and do good works and earn good money at the same time.

Don’t miss this opportunity to build a career in the service of the Almighty.

Don’t miss this opportunity to work for God. Not only will you be rewarded in Heaven, but also you will receive financial rewards right here on earth selling God’s stuff.

Please note that earnings from selling God’s stuff will vary widely depending on the effort and amount of time you devote to doing God’s work, but the potential is there to make a substantial living if you just have faith in God. He does work in mysterious and unfathomable ways, and helping us humans make a living seems to be one of them.

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