Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Real Story Behind Searching For God

Search For God

We all want to be inspired in one-way or another, don’t we? It struck me one day that what I was really trying to do by writing articles was to inspire people, myself included, to search for God.

Sometimes you have to take some quiet time to review what you are doing with your life. When I did, it hit me. I was searching for the God of my dreams in my own way. Doesn’t everyone search for the God of his or her dreams in their own way?

I started reading through all the articles that I had written and came to the conclusion that they all had the central themes of searching for God, finding faith, and becoming inspired to become a person of faith.

I guess to some people these things come naturally, but in my case it has always been a struggle to develop a strong belief in God. I have found that it gets easier over time as my needs become greater, and the realization of my own mortality becomes more self-evident.

I find it more and more important to try and do something relevant, something that will help other people and thus make me feel better. That’s what moved me to create a short book out of my many articles. I call them the “Search For God Stories.” I hope they will help inspire you to find more faith, and to make your search for the God of your dreams a success. I hope they will help you find peace of mind. I hope they will make you feel wonderful.

I will tell you how to get the book for free in a few weeks.