Monday, June 11, 2007

Happy Father's Day - You Deserve It

That’s right, you are entitled to celebrate and be celebrated on father’s day. You tried to do your best to provide your children with a decent life and now you are entitled to celebrate the fact that you are a father.

You did participate in bringing your children into the world, didn’t you?

You did try and give them the best education you could afford, didn’t you?

You did love and help care for them, didn’t you?

Now it’s your turn to be recognized for your efforts.

I think too often that us fathers are taken for granted. It is assumed that we will care for our children. It is assumed that we will pay attention to their needs and wants. But this isn’t true in all societies, and it certainly isn’t true in all species.

It makes sense to me that we do what we do as fathers because we want to. I think its part of an ingrained gene that God gave us to help make up part of the human family. I think it’s a special characteristic that we have been blessed with.

So lets celebrate the way we are on father’s day. And while we are doing so lets not forget our wonderful children who are the product of our efforts. And let’s not forget God who has given us the capacity to care about our family and our children.

Maybe if we are very lucky, our children won’t forget us either. Maybe they will help us celebrate being who we are. Maybe they will remember what we do for them, and how much we care.

It’s true I guess that some of us may be forgotten or even not truly appreciated for who we are and what we have done. But it really doesn’t matter because the proof of our efforts is in our children. It is undeniable. They are wonderful. We helped make them this way. God the father of us all has played a major part in this celebration of human life and renewal. Let’s not forget our Faith in Him who has made our day of celebration possible.

Have A Happy Father’s Day.

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