Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Chapter 2 Stripping Away Your Inhibitions Part 2

Search For God

Why else would the good Lord have given us the power of independent thought? Why else would He allow us the right to make choices about how we believe in him? Strip away your inhibitions and allow freedom of choice to frame a new response to your quest for more faith.

Most of us do things out of a sense of tradition. Many of us belong to organized religions that provide us with rules to live by. This is good because it gives us a basic set of values and beliefs, but we have to learn to go beyond what we have been told in order to discover what we truly believe. We have to learn to question ourselves to help us find more faith. We can use our traditional beliefs to help us form a foundation for finding more faith. We have to strip away our inhibitions so that we can expand out horizons.

In order for you to unlock your imagination and realize your promise, (that which is special about each of us individually), that each of us has to do more with our lives, you have to strip away years of inhibitions that have been keeping you from fulfilling your dreams.

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