Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Power Mall Is Bigger Than Yours

My Power Mall Is Bigger Than Yours

That’s only because until you check out My Power Mall you won’t know how great the potential is for you to harness the power of shopping on the Internet.

That’s because you haven’t yet discovered that having your own Power Mall is absolutely free.

That’s because you haven’t yet discovered the great earnings potential that having a business Power Mall offers you. You could easily earn over $4000 to $6000 a month or more – maybe much more.

That’s because you don’t know how easy it is to get people to sign up for free under you, and you don’t as yet understand that you make money on every one that signs up under you and shops at the mall You even get a rebate on your own personal shopping.

That’s because you didn’t know that My Power Mall is filled with over 1000 stores like Target, Kmart, Linen and Things, Petmart, and much more, and that it regularly offers you hot deal specials and that a portion of every corporate override goes to charity.

That’s because you don’t as yet know how substantial the rebates you earn are or how quickly they can accumulate as you add people and they add people on tier after tier after tier of people shopping and the benefits of the system that allows you to collect a commission on every single sale that goes through you and the mall.

That’s why we call it a Power Mall and that’s why when you join it becomes your power mall working for you 24 hours a day even when you aren’t there.

Don’t miss this opportunity to have your own power mall that is bigger and better than mine in the only way that is important to you – how much money you make. We will all laugh and argue all the way to the bank over whose power mall is bigger.

Join the largest shopping mall on the Internet for free. You don’t have to qualify in any way. Be my guest. Chris Jones and I, Arthur Levine, at CJ Enterprises LLC are inviting you to join us and make a lot of money. How can you lose? It’s free, and you can be charitable at the same time.

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