Friday, April 28, 2006

Stop Patching Yourself Together

Search For God

A little kid came over to me at a Girl Scout meeting, and asked me if I could help her get her father to stop smoking, and would I recommend a Patch? I told her I normally don’t deal with children. I have enough trouble dealing with adults who are mostly children at heart, but I would make an exception in her case, and talk to her father if she promised not to tell anyone. I am not going to make this into a children’s hour. I spoke to her father and told him to stop patching himself together and have Faith he could stop smoking on his own. He told me he had no Faith in his ability to do so and that is why he smoked and drank. He was trying to forget how little willpower he had.

I told him I was going to repeat over and over, “you can’t win them all. You can’t expect everyone to have Faith.” I told him I had to go now. I was late for a Faith Building group therapy session for severely rattled Magic Genies who have spent too much time dealing with faithless people like him. I hope his little girl is OK. At least I don’t have to worry about your children too, do I? Stop patching yourself together. Get some faith in God to help you deal with your weaknesses.

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