Monday, November 08, 2010

How To Text Your Way To A Miracle

Are your fingers to short or to slow to text a prayer to God? Don’t worry about it. This will fast become a new age way to express your faith in our common Lord and see your dreams come true. If you can take the time to painstakingly tap out message after message to your friends, how about letting God know that you love him and want him to be a part of your life.

You don’t have to shout it out. You don’t have to mention it at the dinner table or even in church. God knows you’re busy. How about a simple little text to let Him know that you have faith in Him and need his help?

Don’t worry about your spelling or taking linguistic short cuts, God knows what is on your mind. He just wants to hear your prayer to him personally.

Don’t worry about the length of your text or what you are going to say. Let your prayer come from your heart. God will understand. He is always :-) - smiling at you.

Are you ready for a miracle? Does that sound 2G2BT – Too good to be true?

Remember we are all in this together. Our motto is 14AA41 – One for all and all for one.

The best way to get a miracle is to ask God for one. What do you want? What kind of miracle are you hoping for? Maybe what you want is for that special person to text you saying 459 – I love you?

If you are hoping for the miracle of someone’s love why don’t we ask God for His Help?

We could start off, Dear God 143 – I love you. Can you help me get Cindy to say 1432 – I love you too. That’s the kind of miracle I’ve been hoping for.

... You can 10Q, 10Q – Thank you, thank you. My prayers have been answered. It’s a miracle.

It’s almost 2G2BT – To good to be true.

I will believe in you 4ever – Forever.

... Yes I know God knows how to text using shorthand, It’s you I’m worried about. I hope you understand this is not going to be just another ADIP – Another day in paradise.

Enjoy your miracle. I hope you know you are AIMP – Always in my prayers. You loved one’s too, I hope.

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