Sunday, January 30, 2011

Are You Searching for God?

I feel like I have spent most of my adult life sinning and than searching for God to find salvation. What about you are you secure in your faith or are you searching for God also? Are you a sinner looking for salvation like me, or a person of faith who is beyond reproach? Most of us I think are both.

Maybe even doubters and sinners are entitled to be people of faith. Could it be that it’s a matter of intent? Could it be that my wanting to find God counts?

I have been searching for God in all kinds of places. I have looked for Him in organized religions, in the traditions of my parents, and in the teachings of many wise gurus. With years of practice in searching for God under my belt, I have decided that the search for God is a deeply personal thing. It is a quest whose journeys end will be dictated by using my imagination and awakening the deepest feelings of my innermost soul.

I have come to the conclusion that we can share the search, we can share our thoughts, but each of us must find their faith in God in our own way.

It’s a matter of perception. It’s a matter of how much I can use my mind and heart to determine my version of God. Many have told me that there is only their way to God. Many have told me that I need to follow a set format. But I believe I have to follow my instincts in my search for God. I must determine for myself what God means to me.

We can share the journey, but it is I alone that can find the faith in God that I have been searching for – the God of my dreams.

In different perceptions of God, we can even share believing.

If you want to search together, come take my hand, but the God you are searching for is of your minds making.

Arthur Levine is the author of the Faith Patch Manual and The Magic of Faith and the novel Johnny Oops. For more information on finding your faith please visit

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hold The Presses, Johnny Oops Thoughts Are Running Off the Page

New York, NY—Johnny Oops, the principal character in the novel by the same name has such a vivid imagination that it’s hard to contain his thoughts to the printed page.

Unlike you or I, Johnny is not in the least inhibited. He is used to saying what he thinks and meaning what he says. How he comes up with wild story after wild story that baffles the good intentions of the author is beyond contemplation. Let’s just say that it’s hard for the author to keep up as Johnny jumps from one world to another and from one reality to the next.

Join Johnny Oops as he charges across the country acting as if he were a prophet, sinning like a charlatan, and in his own way attempting to spread the word of God by touching other people. Travel with him as he survives a plane crash in Venezuela, drowning in France, and a stabbing at his home in California. Enjoy yourself with Johnny as he discovers his inner self—a one-foot tall albino with pink eyes dressed in a Boy Scout uniform. Suffer with him as his scandalous affairs are revealed. Have fun trying to predict what Johnny will do and say next in his self appointed role as a guru. Question with Johnny whether everything that is happening is real.

And if that isn’t enough, with Johnny there is always more. Watch as Johnny reaches out to touch other people in the privacy of their inner souls.

What does, womanizer, sex maniac, prophet, charlatan, and genius have in common? They all aptly describe Johnny Oops. Johnny spends his time veering from one reality to another as he travels different worlds and experiences numerous second comings, and tries to fathom whether he is being controlled by a game master in a virtual reality game or is actually in the service of God.

Johnny Oops, The Rocket Fuel Of Captivating Fiction

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