Monday, June 12, 2006

Faith Based Magic Pill

Search For God

Don’t you sometimes wish you could have a Magic Pill that you could take to make all your fears and troubles go away? Wouldn’t it be great to have a little pill you could take to make all your cares and worries disappear?

A Magic Genie friend of mine named Glorious says it is possible to have a Magic Pill to rid you of the troubles of our time. Glorious tells me that all you really need to make this Magic Pill work for you is faith. That’s right my friends; you need to have faith for a Magic Pill to work.

In fact the type of Magic Pill I am talking about is faith-based. You can use it to become a symbol of your faith in God. Sometimes it takes a little fantasy to help us believe in what we cannot see or understand. That’s where your faith-based Magic Pill comes in. That’s why I invented my Magic Genie friend Glorious. He has helped me use my imagination to find my faith.

What about you, you do have an imagination, don’t you? You do want to have more faith, don’t you? You are trying to be a person of faith, aren’t you?

If you strip away your inhibitions and use your imagination, your faith based Magic Pill can become a symbol of your faith. Wouldn’t you like to start feeling wonderful right now?

Wouldn’t you like to find peace of mind?

Wouldn’t you like all your cares and worries go away?

Find your faith in God and you will begin to feel wonderful. You will find the peace of mind you have dreamed of.

Use your imagination to create your own faith based Magic Pill and start to become a person of faith right now.

Hurry, God may be waiting to hear from you.

Arthur Levine is the author of The Magic of Faith. To get instructions on how to find your faith and a free faith based Magic Pill, please access: