Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Search For God

I have been swamped, deluged and inundated with people’s thoughts telling me they are frightened by the possibility of terrorist attacks. They are scared of airmail toxins, viruses and nuclear explosions ruining their health and jeopardizing their lives. I am telling you people I don’t do illnesses, only social diseases. My only answer to you is to have Faith. We will overcome adversity.

Speaking of social diseases, there is one that is causing quite a stir. On this I am definitely a non- expert expert. It is called the Ostrich Virus. It isn’t airborne, but this insidious social disease leap frogs from credit card to credit card, leaving their wealthy owners trembling in fear of losing their material possessions. If you want the cure stop worrying so much about your assets.

Are you in fear of losing your possessions? If so, you are just causing the virus to spread. Do you judge your accomplishments solely in monetary terms? Come alive my friends, having Faith will give you all the credit you need. There, don’t you feel more secure now? Doesn’t having Faith make you feel prosperous? You will if you just believe in God.

This is an excerpt from my book The Magic of Faith. To preview it just click on Find Faith on the side bar or go to www.faith123.com.