Monday, October 23, 2006

I’m Your Traffic Generator

Search For God

Where would you rather have your Web site, in a cornfield in Kansas or right in the middle of Manhattan?

Hi, I’m Arthur Levine, and I can help you build traffic to your Web site by producing and submitting articles for you to the leading article directories on the Internet. From there they get picked up by Internet Magazines (Ezines) for viewing by millions of their readers.

Which would you rather do, be googled or gobbled up by your competition because no one can see or find the description of your fine product or service?

You have to be seen to be understood. People have to know you are there in order to appreciate the great benefits you have to offer.

When I distribute articles for you they always include a short synopsis about you and your fine organization as well as your URL so that everyone will be able to find your Web site by just clicking on your hot linked Web address. Other Web sites will link to you. Your ranking with google will increase. You will establish a presence on the Internet.

All it takes is a click from an interested reader of your article and traffic is generated to your site. This means that the reader notices you, and google notices you. Stop wishing you had traffic and let me help you get it by distributing articles for you that will be seen all over the Web.

This means you will have left the cornfields of Kansas, and now reside in the hearts of your audience right in the middle of Manhattan.

This means more leads for your product of service. The final result is more sales and more business assuming your Website is user friendly.

I am so sure that you will find this service valuable, that I am offering to provide a free recommendation of changes to your Web site content to assure that it is user friendly. I am confident that when you see the potential, you will want to create more traffic to your Web site on an on going basis. I will be happy to do this for you for a reasonable fee.

Arthur Levine is a Platinum and Expert Author at who has written numerous articles including, “How To Send An E-mail To God”, and is the author of the Faith Patch Manual, which can be viewed at: and the Magic Of Faith which can be viewed at http:

P.S. I also offer my clients a full range of copywriting services including press releases, product or service sales letters, corporate white papers, and promotional material for nonprofits, churches, and social ministries. Samples of my work are available on request.