Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How Do I Find Answers To My Questions?

I am tired of searching around and looking for experts to answer my questions. I need help and I need it now. I need advice that doesn’t come with a price tag. I need to know answers to:

1. How do I find the love of my life?
2. How do I live longer, happier and healthier?
3. How do I prevent disease?
4. How do I manage disease?
5. How do I make a contribution to society?
6. How do I do something worthwhile with my life?
7. How do I have more fun?
8. How do I stop being lonely?
9. How do I achieve my goals in life?
10. How do I make my dreams come true?
11. How do I find happiness?
12. How do I find faith?

And that’s not all. There is so much more I want to know. I think we all have a lot of questions that we need to find the answers to. I want these answers from people who know because they have the life experiences that taught them the answers, not from someone that read about it in a book or learned it in a Masters program. I want real life answers to my questions, not theoretical dissertations. I want a non-expert expert to answer my questions.

What do you want? Do you want some professor telling you how to bake a cake or would you rather hear it from a baker who bakes cakes every day for a living?

Do you want some medical journal telling you about some natural herb that may cure what ails you or would you like to hear it from someone who has been healed by using a particular natural herb or supplement?

Do you want some expert telling you how to invest your money after the debacle we have just gone through in the stock market or would you rather rely on the advice of real people – non-expert experts - who have increased their net worth even in these markets?

Do you want to be charged by some expert to tell you something you already know and just want to be reassured about, or would you like to be assured by someone who has been there and done that.

We all have a lot of questions, but who can we rely on to give us the right answers?

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